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Never mind the irony that the pretty little topless hula-haole with the Bettie Page bangs is bare-footed. Take a look at those pineapples!

The bad ass art on these hula girl socks is by tattoo artist and reality TV star, Dirk Vermin. With decades of art and life experiences, Dirk has developed a wide range of styles, from traditional to portrait, and he's the go-to guy for your cover-up work. If ya gonna get marked, and get marked up really good by the best tatt-cats in the biz, you gotta have a Dirk Vermin piece. You just gotta. And now you can! On your very own feets nonetheless. Now available in No Show socks for men!

Part of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater Collection.

42% Cotton - 48% Polyester - 7% Nylon - 3% Lycra

US Men size - 7 to 12 / US Women size 8.5 to 13.5

One size fits most!

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